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By the end of 2012, the installed capacity of electric power in China reached 1,144,910 MW.[more]

Hydropower Construction

Updated: 2013-06-25

b) A BC40 hydraulic slot milling machine, being used for construction of cut-off wall at a Singapore subway station.

Hydropower Construction

c) A BC30 hydraulic slot milling machine, is used in construction of cut-off wall on upstream cofferdam, at Phase II of the Three Gorges project.

Hydropower Construction

3) Closure on big rivers

POWERCHINA has first-class construction technology for the closure of big rivers and top closure machinery, tools, and vehicles, and it has completed hundreds of river closures on the Jinsha, Yellow, Hongshui, Lancang, and Nujiang rivers.

Hydropower Construction
Closure work at Xiluodu Hydropower Station.

4) Reservoir and dam construction

POWERCHINA has completed hundreds of dams of various types and has gained a vast amount of experience from construction.

Hydropower Construction
POWERCHINA works on RCC dam at Longtan Hydropower Station.

Hydropower Construction

POWERCHINA is executing construction work on Djiploho Hydropower Station, Equatorial Guinea.