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By the end of 2012, the installed capacity of electric power in China reached 1,144,910 MW.[more]


Updated: 2013-06-26

Pipelines, special vehicles and welding materials

1) Concrete Cylinder Pipe

The pipelines produced by POWERCHINA are mainly used in the water transmission and distribution, water supply of power plants, sewerage mains, inverted siphons and buried piping systems in deep overburdens of municipal, industrial and irrigation works. The Concrete cylinder pipes produced by POWERCHINA have been used in many landmark projects in China, such as the Wanjiazhai River Diversion Project on the Yellow River, Shanxi province, the Beijing Section of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project, the Xijiang Water Diversion Project in Guanzhou, and the Liaoxibei Water Supply Project. Pipes have also been exported to Singapore, the Philippines and Mauritius.



2) Special vehicles

Special vehicles made by POWERCHINA have been widely used in construction of railways, roads, mining, metallurgical and chemical industries, and hauling of large tonnages at ports and shipyards, precast concrete box beams of various specifications.

The trailers have been used in construction of power projects and earth works. POWERCHINA also produces the composite hydraulic full trailers (which can be assembled into a series of trailers with capacities ranging from 65 t to 1500 t), semi-trailers and detachable semi-trailers, which may be provided with goosenecks, dovetails, and frames for transportation of large-size lifting and hoisting equipment and other oversized goods. POWERCHINA produces iron scrap stuff baskets for transport of iron scrap stuffs, 180 t, 550 t and 900 t beam carriers for transport of large precast concrete box beams of various specifications by railway and the 900 t launching gantries, self-travelling flats for transport of ships in segments, the powered hydraulic tyre trolleys for handling, loading and unloading the large and heavy components at shipyards and harbors and for work overhead.


900t Launching Gantry


50-1500 t Column assembled hydraulic trailer engine


A 900 t Beam carrier works on Shanghai-Kunming High-Speed Railway.

3) Welding materials

POWERCHINA's welding consumables are widely used in construction of power stations, petrochemical industry, shipbuilding, airports, bridges, machine building, and nuclear power industry. POWERCHINA has been producing both welding electrodes and wires, totaling more than 130 varieties, and its welding materials enjoy a good reputation in the global market. The quality of its special steel welding electrodes has been leader on domestic and international markets and has been used successfully in key construction projects like the Oriental Pearl Tower and the Gezhouba Dam projects.

Welding materials for nuclear applications

Welding wires















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