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POWERCHINA is a leader in technological innovation in hydropower, thermal power and new energies.[more]

Awards and patents

Updated: 2013-06-27

By the end of 2012 POWERCHINA had gained 58 national awards for Progress in Science and Technology, 488 provincial awards for Progress in Science and Technology, and 228 national and industry standards in hydropower, thermal power, and transmission and distribution sector; We also obtained 1203 patents (233 innovation patents) and 149 copyrights on software.

POWERCHINA have undertaken a great many research projects for the National Development and Reform Commission, National Energy Administration, and Ministry of Environment. As a leader in the hydropower industry, POWERCHINA has dealt with a large number of technological problems.

With continuous breakthroughs in technology, POWERCHINA has become a world leader in the hydropower, wind power, thermal power, power transmission and distribution, and new energy sectors.