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By the end of 2012, the installed capacity of electric power in China reached 1,144,910 MW.[more]

Thermal Power Planning, Investigation, Design and Consultation

Updated: 2013-07-03

3) Gas power generationPOWERCHINA has the strength to design gas power-steam combined cycle units of 100 MW to 400 MW (B to H rating). We have designed gas power units with different classes, and is at the top in the design of large gas turbines with 9F class at 350 MW, 390 MW or higher in China.

Thermal Power Planning, Investigation, Design and Consultation

The Putian Gas Turbine Power Plant, a gas-steam combined cycle plant with China's largest installed capacity, installed with four M701F 350-MW gas-steam combined cycle generation units. The plant has won the Luban prize - the highest award in China's construction industry.

4) Environmental protection

POWERCHINA possesses environmental protection technologies including desulfurization, denitration, and waste and sewage treatments.

a) Desulfurization and denitration

POWERCHINA has made a number of flue gas desulfurization design for 1,000-MW power plants, and can design the desulfurization of 10-MW to 1,000-MW units with various parameters, using the wet, dry, and semi-dry processes.

POWERCHINA can provide the denitration design of power plants with a capacity of 1,000-MW or lower and has completed the planning and construction detailed design for denitration of some power plants.

Thermal Power Planning, Investigation, Design and Consultation

Desulfurization facility of Waigaoqing plant III (2×1000 MW) in Shanghai, the plant was put into operation in 2008 and it is the first one equipped the desulfurization system with zero power consumption in China.

Thermal Power Planning, Investigation, Design and Consultation

Denitrtration facilities of No.s 1,2 and 4 units (2×600-MW and 1×660-MW), Guohua Dingzhou Power Plant in Hebei province, the plant was installed with two 600-MW subcritical boilers, and one 660-MW supercritical boiler.

b) Waste water treatment

5) Three-dimensional digital technology

POWERCHINA has made the design and preparing drawings with three-dimensional technology for power plants, substations, and transmission lines.

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