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Sahiwal power plant – the first inaugurated CPEC project in Pakistan

Updated: 2017-07-19

The inaugural ceremony of the Sahiwal Power Plant took place on July 3, marking the completion of the construction and the operation of the first major power plant in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

Over 1,000 guests from China and Pakistan attended the ceremony, including Chief Minister of Pakistan’s Punjab province Shahbaz Sharif, Director of the China National Energy Administration Nur Bekri and China Huaneng Group Chairman Cao Beixi.

Built by POWERCHINA Nuclear Engineering Company, the construction of the 2*660MW Sahiwal plants began on July 31, 2015 and were completed in only 22 months. It was dubbed by the Pakistan government as a miracle in the country’s history of electric power, with the shortest construction time, largest installed capacity and most advanced technology.

The plant will benefit Pakistan's economy as well as the energy and infrastructure industry, according to Shahbaz Sharif’s speech at the inaugural ceremony in Sahiwal. Shahbaz believes that the project will play a significant role in the development of the CPEC.

Nur Bekri noted that China and Pakistan have achieved stable development in energy construction, which has become a model for the implementation of China’s Belt and Road Initiative. The new plant is expected to play a positive role in boosting Pakistan’s economic growth and improving local livelihoods. The National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration will continually promote the development of CPEC.

"The completion of the Sahiwal Power Plant means an early success of the CPEC and sets a new example for the Pakistan-China friendship and partnership," said Cao Beixi at the ceremony.

Representative from Huaneng Shandong Electricity Ltd pointed out that dedusting and desulfuration infrastructures were simultaneously built during the construction of the Sahiwal plants to ensure all environmental indexes reach an internationally advanced level. The Chinese constructor also unreservedly passed on experiences of power plants’ construction, operation and management to Pakistan enterprises.

The high-quality completion and the fast speed of the construction receive recognition from the Pakistan government and help build good reputations of the POWERCHINA in the region. The CPEC and the two Sahiwal plant units will greatly benefit the local livelihoods. Generating 9 billion kWh of electricity, the plant will meet the energy demand of 10 million locals and fill 25 percent of Pakistan's electricity gap.

Sahiwal power plant – the first inaugurated CPEC project in Pakistan

The Sahiwal Coal-fired Power Plant

Sahiwal power plant – the first inaugurated CPEC project in Pakistan

Inaugural Ceremony of the Sahiwal Power Project.

Sahiwal power plant – the first inaugurated CPEC project in Pakistan

Chinese guests visit the plant’s central control room during the inaugural ceremony.