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Laos PM speaks highly of hydropower project of POWERCHINA

Updated: 2017-11-06

Nam Ou River originates from the border between China's Yunnan province and Laos'northern part. It is the largest tributary of Mekong in Laos. It runs 475 kilometers north of the entire Laos and has a natural head of about 430 meters.

With excellent water energy index, the river is one of the water resources bases strongly promoted by the government of Laos.

Under the Belt and Road Initiative, POWERCHINA has taken an active part in developing hydropower resources in Laos and has completed construction of Nam Ou River 5 Hydropower Station and South Europe River Hydropower Station (Phase 1).

The project of Nam Ou River Hydropower Station is constructed in two phases with a total installed capacity of 1,272 megawatts. It has a total investment of about $2.73 billion and a franchise period of 29 years. The relocation project of Nam Ou River hydropower involves 10 counties in two provinces with resettle population of more than 12,600. It has planned a total of 23 resettlement villages. The second phase of Nam Ou River project planned 15 resettlement villages, of which four have been completed and the rest are under construction.

Laos PM speaks highly of hydropower project of POWERCHINA

Aerial view of Nam Ou River second stage hydropower station in Laos. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

Nam Ou River project adheres to the concept of "green development and scientific development" and actively fulfills its social responsibility as a good developer of green and clean energy, an obligor of economic and social responsibility and an active promoter of multicultural integration.

It persists in building high-quality power stations and beautiful livable villages and has been highly praised by the Laos government and local residents, while being reputed as “seven pearls of Nam Ou River”.

POWERCHINA selected the building locations scientifically and planned carefully. It builds high standard resettlement villages by respecting wishes of local governments and residents. It supports Laos enterprises to participate in the construction, improves local infrastructure conditions and conducts a number of social welfare activities to promote sustainable development of local people's livelihood.

The Nam Ou River hydropower project has provided more than 8,000 job opportunities for local people. POWERCHINA took social responsibilities by subsidizing students sponsoring local traditional festivals and making charity donations. It expanded and rebuilt more than 500 kilometers of highways, built 20 medium-sized bridges and constructed wharves, schools, markets, hospitals and temples for each resettlement village, greatly improving local infrastructure conditions and enhancing local education, transportation, medical treatment and other public services. It brings mutual benefits to the people of both countries and preserves the traditional friendship between China and Laos.

Laos PM speaks highly of hydropower project of POWERCHINA

Laos Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith, government officials and local villagers take a group photo on Nov 5. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

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