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Chairman of POWERCHINA meets Panamanian president

Updated: 2017-11-20

POWERCHINA Chairman Yan Zhiyong met Juan Carlos Varela, the president of Panama in Beijing on Nov 19, exchanging views on the practical cooperation in energy and infrastructure between China and Panama.

Chairman of POWERCHINA meets Panamanian president

POWERCHINA Chairman Yan Zhiyong has a meeting with the Panamanian delegation led by President Juan Carlos Varela in Beijing, Nov 19. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

Yan welcomed Juan Carlos Varela's visit to China and congratulated on the establishment of China- Panama diplomatic relations.

He also appreciated the president's contribution to the bilateral relations and offered congratulations on the opening of Panama's embassy, which was opened in Beijing on Nov 16.

Chairman of POWERCHINA meets Panamanian president

Juan Carlos Varela (L5) and Yan Zhiyong (L6) pose for a group photo with attendees of their meeting in Beijing, Nov 19. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

As a global conglomerate involving in construction and investment of energy, electricity, water resources & environment, infrastructure projects, POWERCHINA tapped into Panamanian market and launched its regional headquarter of America there in 2014.

POWERCHINA won the bid for a water supply project in Panama city in August and became the first Chinese enterprise to win a bid for a public facility in Panama after the establishment of China-Panama diplomatic relations in June.

Yan said the company will help Panamanian partners to develop other projects involving hydropower stations, water supply plants and subways with its abundant experience and acceptable pattern for both sides.

He believed that the historic meeting between President Xi Jinping and Varela would turn a new page for the China-Panama ties and Panama would make greater progress under Varela's leadership.

POWERCHINA is ready to contribute to the development of Panama, Yan added.

Varela said the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries carried a great historical significance and the bilateral ties developed quickly over the past five months. He held that the all-round cooperation should speed up.

The Panamanian government attaches great importance to the cooperation with Chinese enterprises, Varela noted.

He said he was glad to have a meeting with POWERCHINA during his state visit and hoped the company would actively participate in the country's infrastructure projects and jointly promote the development of Panama.