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POWERCHINA-international issues bonds overseas | Updated: 2018-03-09 15:26

On March 6, POWERCHINA issued 19,630,800 yuan ($300 million) irredeemable bonds with five-year tenor in Hong Kong, with bonds coupon rate of 4.6 percent.

This issue of the bonds is the first for POWERCHINA in overseas market, which is the third issue of $2.5 billion MTN.

Considering the global rising costs of financing, the supply-side explosion in Asian bond market and the raising interest rates by FED, the rate of the bonds this time was deliberately fixed at 4.6 percent and the issue price was controlled within an ideal range.

Deal-roadshow for issue of the bonds attracts the attention of overseas investors, creating the perfect moment for POWERCHINA to significantly reinforce the brand and the core value worldwide by elaborating its globalization strategy.

For POWERCHINA, the issue of the bonds is an important step towards world class group for investment and construction, with innovation in financing and structural improvement in financial assets.