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Pakistani media reports progress of POWERCHINA's EPC project

Updated: 2018-05-19

Pakistani newspaper Dawn recently published an article -- Haveli 1230MW Combined Cycle Power Plant Smoothly Entered Commercial Operation, reporting the progress of the project, which was undertaken by POWERCHINA, the general contractor in the mode of EPC and built by its subsidiary – SEPCOIII.

Pakistani media reports progress of POWERCHINA's EPC project

The Pakistani newspaper Dawn covers the progress of the Haveli Bahadur Shah Power Plant. [Photo/POWERCHINA]

The article states "SEPCOIII centralized superior resources and invested a lot of manpower and material resources for this plant" and spoke highly of the Chinese company's efficiency, as it only took 90 days for them to finish the No. 1 Turbine installation work and 72 days for No. 2 Turbine installation work, creating the world's fastest record.

It's reported that the power station will supplement a quarter of Pakistan's electricity consumption and play a vital role in promoting economic growth and improving people's livelihood.

Pakistani media reports progress of POWERCHINA's EPC project

The newspaper Dawn's coverage of the project undertaken by POWERCHINA [Photo/POWERCHINA]

The article also provided some details of SEPCOIII, including its history, target market, position in the industry and business scope, expanding the presence of Chinese enterprises and promoting the brand image of POWERCHINA in Pakistan.

The project is located near Pakistan's Punjab Haveli Bahadur Shah area and involves the building of two gas turbines, two HRSG and a single turbine.

The project is expected to build a 9H combined cycle power plant that deploys the H class gas turbine technology, considered as the most advanced technology in the gas turbine field and often referred to as a revolutionary technological achievement.

Generating 10 billion kWh of electricity annually, the plant will fill 25 percent of the country's electricity gap and significantly ease Pakistan's electricity shortage.