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About | Updated: 2018-05-24 12:34

Power Construction Corporation of China (POWERCHINA) is a wholly State-owned company founded in September 2011 with the approval of the State Council. It controls a series of enterprises specializing in electric power surveying and design, engineering and equipment manufacturing under the management of SINOHYDRO Group Limited, HYDROCHINA Corporation, the State Grid Corporation of China and China Southern Power Grid Company Limited.

As an integrated construction group, POWERCHINA provides services in water conservancy and hydropower engineering, investment and financing in infrastructure construction, planning and engineering design, engineering construction, equipment manufacturing and operations management.

Its major businesses are within the scope of energy power, construction engineering (including surveying, planning, design and project contracting), water ecological environmental governance, other resource exploitation activities and management, real estate development and management, equipment manufacturing and leasing.

Furthermore, POWERCHINA has been authorized by relevant state ministries to plan and investigate the development of clean energy and new energy sources.

POWERCHINA ranks at the top of the world in electric power construction (including planning and design) by virtue of its great capacity and performance history.

In 2017, POWERCHINA ranked 190th among Fortune 500 enterprises, and was 42nd among the top 500 enterprises of China and the 22nd among the top 100 multinational corporations in China. According to the ENR it ranks 5th in the Top 250 Global Contractors and 2nd in the Top 150 Global Design Firms.

Centering on water conservancy and electric power construction, POWERCHINA has evolved into a diversified structure for Large Civil Engineering and Large Construction, and is involved in a range of domains like Smart City construction, rail transit projects, municipal engineering, housing construction, water ecology and environmental governance projects.

POWERCHINA is the world’s largest power construction enterprise with the most integrated industrial chain, and is committed to the construction of global energy sources and infrastructure. It follows the Belt and Road Initiative and has participated in a series of important projects such as the Melaka gateway deep water dwarf project at Malaysia, the Pakistan Qasim Coal-Fired Power Plant, the China-Laos railway, and the Jakarta-Bandung high speed railway. Such remarkable social contributions have gained POWERCHINA a sound international reputation.

POWERCHINA pursues a dynamic global market strategy. By the end of January 2016, it had executed contracts and projects in 116 countries.

Electric energy generated from some of those projects now fuels local economies, and the infrastructure projects among them have improved local productivity and living conditions.

The company’s outstanding performance has been lauded by its clients and partners; many of the projects are seen as land-mark achievements in the host country.

Being professional in planning and design, engineering construction and investment of hydraulic and hydropower projects, POWERCHINA is committed to further collectivizing its running pattern, internationalizing its development, diversifying its operations, specializing its services and digitalizing its management. It intends to become the most competitive comprehensive construction group in the world.