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POWERCHINA Yenbo power plant quenches Muslims' thirst

Updated: 2018-06-06

Constructed by SEPCO III, a subsidiary of POWERCHINA, Unit 1 of Saudi Arabia's Yenbo phase III project successfully delivered low-pressure steam to DOOSAN water plant and ensured the steady water supply in Madina during Ramadan.

Medina is the second holy place of Islam. Millions of Muslims make the annual pilgrimage during Ramadan. The high temperature and little rain throughout the year aggravated the water shortage in the region. Therefore, the supply of drinking water during Ramadan became the most important political and livelihood issue.

As the largest oil-fired power plant project under construction in the Middle East region, Yenbo phase III project mainly includes an unloading terminal, eight heavy oil tanks, five supercritical fuel boilers, five supercritical steam turbines, 2 chimneys, BOP utility systems and related accessory equipment pipes. The contract amounts to $1.38 billion and requires the construction period of 1,125 days.

The project has a leading role in technological innovation and construction scale. It is a high concern of the Saudi government, the Chinese Embassy in Saudi Arabia, Chinese consulate, Chinese-funded enterprise association and the global power industry.

Since the start of the project, the construction team of SEPCO III has worked day and night to complete the steam supply target in advance and fulfill its commitment to the owners and millions of Muslims.

The project department has actively promoted the localization construction and fulfilled its social responsibility of a Stated-owned enterprise.

It provided employment opportunities for nearly 10,000 laborers from more than a dozen countries and carried out skills training for them. It also provided internship positions for local school graduates.

Meanwhile, the project department took the initiative to undertake the construction work of local labor camps, and improved supporting facilities including canteens, water making stations, prayer rooms and barbershops.

The project department coordinated the working hours of Muslim workers during Ramadan, and gave gifts to Muslim friends and nearby residents during Eid holidays.

In recent years, SEPCO III has actively responded to the national Belt and Road Initiative and has driven the economic and social development in the Middle East through extensive exchanges and cooperation.

At present, the company has 12 power plant projects under construction in the Middle East. The total installed capacity of the project under construction is 10,976 MW, and the total EPC contract value exceeds $7.6 billion, ranking second and first respectively in the market. It has become one of the important brands in EPC market of Middle East and North Africa power stations.

POWERCHINA Yenbo power plant quenches Muslims' thirst

Saudi Arabia's government officials taste drinking water at DOOSAN water plant. [Photo/powerchina]