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Vietnam Hoa Binh Corporation visits POWERCHINA

Updated: 2018-11-19

Yan Zhiyong, president of POWERCHINA, met with Le Quang Canh, general manager of Ho Chi Minh City-based construction company Hoa Binh Corporation (HBC) and his delegation on Nov 16.

The two sides exchanged views on strengthening cooperation in the infrastructure sector in cities such as Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh.

Yan extended a warm welcome to the delegation and introduced POWERCHINA's business operations, global projects and city engineering projects such as rail transit.

Vietnam is an important international market for POWERCHINA. At present, there are more than 10 projects under construction in Vietnam.

POWERCHINA is a comprehensive construction group, with notable strengths in supporting water and electric engineering and infrastructure services. The services it offers span investment, financing, project planning and design, construction, equipment manufacturing, project operation and management.

POWERCHINA ranks first globally in integration capabilities and business performance for water conservancy and electric power planning, design and construction.

POWERCHINA is willing to cooperate with HBC in the infrastructure markets such as for Vietnam rail transit projects, Yan said.

Canh spoke highly of POWERCHINA's achievements in Vietnam and its contributions to the country's infrastructure.

He also introduced HBC's current work in rail transit construction and recent planning in Ho Chi Minh City.

He hoped that POWERCHINA will strengthen its focus on related fields and further enhance cooperation between the two sides to achieve common development.

During the meeting, Canh also sent an invitation to POWERCHINA to visit Ho Chi Minh City for market research and exchange activities.

Vietnam Hoa Binh Corporation visits POWERCHINA

Talks between Yan Zhiyong (L), president of POWERCHINA, and Le Quang Canh, general manager of HBC. [Photo/provided by POWERCHINA]