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Foundation for Dhaka light rail line 6 completed

Updated: 2018-12-27 18:02

The pile foundation for the CP02 section of light rail line 6 in Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh, was completed on Nov 5, after 236 days of construction.

Consisting of 10 test piles and 1,176 engineering piles, the CP02 project was contracted by a joint venture between Thai company ITALIAN-THAI and POWERCHINA's subsidiary China Hydropower Bureau 8, with the latter being responsible for construction.

Because the CP02 section is mostly comprised of silty sand, the groundwater level is high and construction is taking place during rainy season, the structure is in constant danger of collapsing, leading to a slow construction speed.

The project department has carried out special meetings to discuss the construction project, aiming to increase the length of casing, optimize mud performance and increase drilling speed.

The successful completion of the pile foundation has helped China Hydropower Bureau 8 establish a good reputation in the Bangladesh market.

Due to their impressive performance, ITALIAN-THAI has expressed its intention to cooperate with them on subsequent projects.

Foundation for Dhaka light rail line 6 completed

The construction site in Bangladesh. [Photo/POWERCHINA]