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Bhashan project achieves targets

Updated: 2018-12-27 17:02

The construction of the B6-350~Ch10+500 section of the Bhashan Char flood control dike in Bangladesh, built by PowerChina Harbor Co Ltd,was completed on April 20, 10 days ahead of schedule.

Bhashan sandbar is located in Hariya Upazila in the Noakhali area ofChittagram, the second largest city in Bangladesh. The project consists of a sand embankment with a length of about 12 km, an average height of 3.4 m, a bottom width of 37 m, a top width of 5 m and a slope of 1:5.

The Harbor company’s project department closely focused on the requirements of the project, delegated tasks, rationally configured construction resources and strengthened on-site assessment to ensure the project was completed on schedule.

The project department will next look at the Ch5+950~Ch6+350 and Ch10+500~Ch10+530 and urge EEL (local partners) to fully complete the Bashan Island flood control dike.

Bhashan project achieves targets

The Bhashan sandbar [Photo/POWERCHINA]