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Sri Lankan president attends completion ceremony for K Dam

Updated: 2019-01-10 16:57

On Jan 8 local time, Maithripala Sirisena, president of Sri Lanka, attended the completion ceremony for the main section of the Kaluganga Head Works Reservoir (K Dam) built by POWERCHINA.

President Sirisena walked onto the observation deck of the dam and raised the curtain on the completion monument. After 53 months of strenuous labor, the main section of the K Dam has finally been completed.

President Sirisena listened carefully to detailed reports from on-site personnel, expressing his appreciation and gratitude to project staff for their hard work.

He also hoped that POWERCHINA would build more high quality infrastructure in Sri Lanka in the future.

The location of the K Dam was strongly influenced by Sri Lanka's marine monsoon climate. Many difficulties arose during construction due to the long rainy season and large amount of rainfall.

POWERCHINA has taken full advantage of its experience in infrastructure construction, perfected its construction plan, and minimized the influence of the rainy season to ensure the smooth implementation of the project.

A number of local media reported on the event, and POWERCHINA won wide acclaim from the Sri Lankan people.

The K Dam project has a maximum height of 78.12 meters and is 610 meters long. Its total storage capacity will be 248 million cubic meters. The dam will divert water to the Moragahakanda Reservoir head works project (M Dam) to bolster the latter's power generating capacity and improve irrigation in the center of Sri Lanka.

The project will also provide water for industrial development in the eastern region of the country, significantly improving the country's future economic and social development prospects with its high water storage capacity, effective flood control mechanisms, irrigation capabilities and disaster prevention safeguards.