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POWERCHINA dam appears on Sudan's new currency

Updated: 2019-02-13

The Central Bank of Sudan officially issued new 100 Sudanese pound and 200 Sudanese pound notes on Feb 1.

The Merowe Dam, Roseires Dam, and Upper Atbara Dam, which were built by POWERCHINA, were used as background images on the new 100 Sudanese pound notes.

POWERCHINA dam appears on Sudan's new currency

The Merowe Dam, Roseires Dam, and Upper Atbara Dam built by POWERCHINA appear on the newly-issued 100 Sudanese pound note. [Photo/POWERCHINA]

The three hydropower dams are located on the main watercourse and tributaries of the Nile River, Sudan's "mother river", and are all playing a vital role in the national economy and people's livelihoods.

The three hydropower stations generate 95 percent of Sudan's total hydropower capacity and 60 percent of the country's total installation capacity.

The accumulated irrigation water covers important crop-producing areas in Sudan and provides water for millions of urban residents.

Locals said that the three dams have provided basic support for the Sudanese people, which is why the Sudanese government used them as background images for its national currency.

Sudan's Water and Electricity Minister Khidir said that a number of projects in Sudan constructed by Chinese enterprises have been strong drivers for the development of Sudan. They are milestones in the development of the country, models for cooperation between Sudan and China, and witnesses to the strong friendship between the two countries.

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