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Kenyan VP attends groundbreaking ceremony for POWERCHINA's flood control project

Updated: 2019-06-10

Kenyan Vice President William Ruto attended the groundbreaking ceremony for the flood control section of the downstream Nzoia River water conservancy project in Kenya on June 7.

The project, which is undertaken by STECOL Corporation, a subsidiary of POWERCHINA, includes the irrigation section and flood control section.

Ruto unveiled the project construction monument and operated a machine to announce that the flood control project was officially launched.

The groundbreaking ceremony was also attended by the Kenyan Minister of Water Resources, the Minister of Agriculture, and other members of the National Assembly of the Kenyan government, as well as local residents and media groups.

Accompanied by the project owner, Ruto inspected several construction areas and learned in detail about the main construction plan, its economic and social benefits, as well as other key information of the project. He expressed recognition of the project's development prospects.

During his speech, Ruto thanked the company for its participation and support for farmland water conservancy construction in Kenya.

He expects the company to make full use of its professional and technological advantages, accelerate the construction of the project, safeguard the livlihood and property of residents on both sides of the Nzoia River, as well as promote local employment for the benefit of the Kenyan people.

The flood control section is located in the main grain producing areas in western Kenya. The main tasks involve the reconstruction and upgrading of flood levees on both banks of the Nzoia River.

Upon completion, it will help more than 70,000 local residents avoid floods, effectively increase the production of local food and cash crops, as well as ensure Kenya's food security.

Kenyan VP attends groundbreaking ceremony for POWERCHINA's flood control project

Kenya Vice President William Ruto (center) operates a machine at the groundbreaking ceremony for the downstream Nzoia River flood control project in Kenya on June 7. [Photo/POWERCHINA]