POWERCHINA's voluntary work on track of fast development

The work of the association has helped propel local economic and social development, promoted cross-cultural collaboration, and has enhanced POWERCHINA's corporate image, while elevating the influence of SOEs. more>>


POWERCHINA makes its mark abroad

To aid in earthquake relief in Ecuador, POWERCHINA plans to donate $100,000 worth of food and mattresses, build 1,000 square meters of temporary housing, and raise $23,000 for disaster-stricken people. more>>


POWERCHINA widely praised among all sectors of society

POWERCHINA has won the "People's Corporate Social Responsibility Annual Overseas Contribution Award", the "Overseas Performance Model Enterprise" award, the "Best Overseas Image Enterprise" award, and the "2017 China Overseas Responsibility Award". Chairman Yan Zhiyong won the "2016 China Social Responsibility Outstanding Person Award". more>>


Over the past over 20 years, POWERCHINA has been fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities around the world. The company has established six regional volunteer associations to provide many local services. 

The association has built partnership with many international organizations, such as UNV, and some local NGOs, optimizing overseas social responsibility(CSR) and public relationship entirely.

POWERCHINA provides help for Macedonian capital

POWERCHINA volunteers share technology in Cote d'Ivoire

POWERCHINA provides rescue services after Ecuador disaster

POWERCHINA helps Cambodia protect biological diversity

POWERCHINA commits to green development

POWERCHINA emphasizes biological diversity in Indonesia

Overseas volunteers help those in need

POWERCHINA employees frequently visit convoy fleets

Volunteers care for local workers