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Updated: 2013-06-26

Power generation equipment set

1) Boiler feed water pumps

POWERCHINA-made booster pump, water feed pump, and fluid coupling are widely used in 50-1,000 MW-class subcritical, supercritical, and ultra-supercritical thermal power and nuclear power units, out of which, the 600 MW and 1000 MW-class FWP units have become the major models for development and widely used both at home and abroad due to their high efficiency, environmental friendliness, energy-saving and low-emission, and are recommended by national authorities as the first choice of auxiliary equipment for thermal power units.


FWP for 1,000-MW ultra-supercritical thermal power unit

Water feed pump for 1,000-MW-class thermal power unit

2) Valves

POWERCHINA-made control valves, gate valves, cut-off valves, and check valves have seen wide use in the 1000MW-or lower-class nuclear and thermal power, metallurgical, and chemical industries. The water feed control valves, recirculation control valves and spray water control valves are widely used in the ultra (supercritical) thermal power units. The 600MW PCV valves, 600MW ultra supercritical HPH three-way valves, and 1000MW ultra supercritical main stream drain valves for the ultra supercritical thermal power units all showing outstanding performance.

Some newly innovated valves, such as the control valves for water storage tanks, water level control valves, and steam reducing valve for a soot blower, with a maximum design pressure of up to the 4,500bl - class, and a maximum operating temperature of 6100C, are used extensively in ultra-critical thermal power units. The valve products have been recommended by national authorities as the first choice of auxiliary equipment for 300-MW, 600-MW, and 1,000-MW thermal power units.

HT/HP valves are displayed in an exhibition

3) Fans

POWERCHINA-made centrifugal and axial fans, ball mills, and belt and screw conveyors for power plants, with the power plant centrifugal and axial fans covering more than 20 categories, with more than 110 specifications. These products hold a large market share, especially the stationary blade adjustable axial-flow fan, at 80 percent, and combined AP-ID fan, at 70 percent. POWERCHINA has customers in 29 provinces and regions across China and the world, in Russia, India, Turkey, Egypt, France, Finland, the Americas, Australia and elsewhere.

Static blade adjustable axial-flow fan

4) Coal milling

The Changchun Generating Equipment Group, a subsidiary to POWERCHINA, brought in an MPS-HP-II mill from Borsig Power Systems Gmbh from Germany to expand the applications of the old MPS mill and overcome the technical bottlenecks in the lignite plant’s coal pulverizing system. It has better performance, such as lower power and metal consumption, less maintenance, smaller space, and easy for peak regulation of power plant. Nearly 1,000 of these machines have been sold in China and more than 200 abroad.

Medium speed mill

Fan mill

MPS-HP-II mill