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Updated: 2013-06-26

Port and material conveying equipments

1) Stackers - reclaimers

POWERCHINA's member companies have gained a great deal of experiences in the design and manufacturing of stackers, reclaimers, stacker-reclaimers, and blending stockyard equipment and have designed and manufactured equipment with a capacity of 100 - 6000t/h and a slewing radius of 20-55 m, to meet the various customer needs for stacking and reclaiming equipment.


a) MDQ 1500/1500-50 portal-type bucket wheel stacker-reclaimer


b) DQ 6000/6000-55 bucket-wheel stacker-reclaimer


c) DQY 1500/3600-120 stacker-reclaimer for circular storage yard

2) Ship-loaders and unloaders

This loader and unloader from POWERCHINA is mainly used in power plants, at ports, steelworks, chemical plants, cement plants and docks, where its main function is the loading and unloading of coal and other bulk materials with a specific density of less than 1.0 t/m3. The product has three types -- fixed, mobile, and floating.


Bucket chain unloader, at a port project in Indonesia

3) Tipper system

The wagon tipper system made by POWERCHINA is mainly used to handle bulk materials at large thermal power plants, harbors, steelworks, chemical plants, and coal terminals, with a number of invention patents and utility patents. The first switch-back tandem wagon tipper system originated from WPEW was based on a cooperative deal with METSO Mineral UK and went into operation in 2005, accounting for 50 percent of the domestic market.


Wagon tipper system –Twin wagon tipper is in operation.