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Updated: 2013-06-26

Transmission and distribution equipment for power grids

1) Fittings and accessories

POWERCHINA-made fittings are mainly used in 1,000kV and below grade full range of transmission and distribution lines and substations projects, especially those located in high altitude regions and heavy ice area.

POWERCHINA has three fitting manufacturers and was the first in China to use a CADFS fitting design system. The main products are 10-kV ~ 1,000-kV line fittings, substation fittings, and fittings for power stations, all tailored to customer needs, with various types of non-standard designs. Our products serve both the Chinese market and overseas, in 20 countries and regions, such as Ethiopia, Zambia, Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Sudan, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, the Philippines, Indonesia, and India.

Jumper spacers


Double V suspension strings for six-bundle conductor


Triple strain strings with triple hanging points for four-bundle conductor

2) Iron towers

POWERCHINA's tower products are mainly used on power transmission lines of 1,000 KV and below and include steel towers, transformer substation support structures, and tubular steel towers with voltage levels of from 35 KV to 1,000 KV, microwave communications towers, and hot-dip galvanizing processing for supplied materials.

POWERCHINA's member companies can also process 330-kV, ± 400-kV, ± 500-kV, ± 660-kV, 750-kV, ± 800-kV, 1,000- kV power transmission line towers. The steel towers of the Qinghai-Tibet power transmission line, at the highest elevation in the world were manufactured by Chengdu Steel Tower Works and Wuhan Steel Tower Works, both of them are POWERCHINA’s subsidiaries and have been praised for their perfect installation, solid performance, and high quality, not to mention good after-sale services.


1000kV Steel tower


EHV DC power ±800-kV transmission line

3) Switchgear and controls

Switchgear and controls produced by POWERCHINA are used on power generating and supply systems, with three-phase AC 50Hz, rated voltage of 400 V~40.5 kV, and rated current of 4,000 A or below. The medium-voltage switchgears and controls are mainly the KYN-12(24/40.5) with draw-out metal-clad and metal-enclosed AC switchgear, XGN-12b (40.5) box-type fixed metal enclosed AC switchgear, and XGN15 AC HV metal enclosed loop network switchgear. The LV switchgears and controls include mainly the MNS/GCS/GCK LV draw-out switch cabinet, GGD LV fixed-type switch cabinet, and XGM and XF indoor and outdoor AC distribution boxes, all of which have CCC certification from CQC.


KYN28-12 indoor drawout metal-clad and metal-enclosed AC switchgear


GCS LV draw-out switch cabinet

4) Transformers

POWERCHINA produces 220-kV, 110-kV, 66-kV, 35-kV power transformers, 10-kV oil-immersed, dry-type distribution transformers, 10-kV SH11-R low-loss environmental friendly transformers, and ZGS11-R (US), ZGW11-R (Europe) box-type substations. The performance of all these products stands out in China, and they have been also exported to Cuba, Ethiopia, Congo, Zambia, Sultan as well as other countries and regions.

Box-type substation

35-kV transformer


SCRB10 dry-type transformer

5) Concrete electric poles

These poles include circular common annular reinforced concrete, pre-stressed steel concrete, and partial pre-stressed from POWERCHINA, which can be used for transmission lines of up to 500 kV. The Shandong Electric Power Pipeline Engineering Co was named one of the “Top 10 Chinese Pole Industry Enterprises” by the China Enterprise Reform and Supervision Committee and China Quality Management Certification Center. The company has hundreds of specifications and its poles have been used all across China and exported to Malaysia and Angola.

Cement poles with web-members