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Hydropower Planning, Investigation, Design and Consultation

Updated: 2013-07-03

POWERCHINA provides various technical services in planning, investigation, design and consulting as well as reviewing, supervising, testing, and monitoring at hydropower and water conservancy projects.

1) Hydropower potentials

In the area of hydropower potential, POWERCHINA has completed general surveys across China and is carrying out hydropower planning on large rivers in countries such as China, Myanmar, Laos, and Columbia. Some plans have been mapped out.

Hydropower Planning, Investigation, Design and Consultation
Hydropower Planning, Investigation, Design and Consultation

The specialists from POWERCHINA conducting reconnaissance on hydropower resources.

2) POWERCHINA can also conduct the following work: topographic mapping of hydropower and water resources, geological exploration and studies, collection and analysis of hydrological data, testing and research, design and layout of electrical equipment, layout and design of structures, environmental impact assessments, environmental protection designs, resettlement program planning, project cost estimates, feasibility studies, detailed construction drawings, drafting reports, solutions to project deformation and observation, and other project tests, analysis, calculations, and reports.

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