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Hydropower Planning, Investigation, Design and Consultation

Updated: 2013-07-03

d) In the rockfill dam work with inclined core walls, POWERCHINA has come up with criteria for hydraulic fracturing in core walls, which has been applied widely.

Hydropower Planning, Investigation, Design and Consultation

The Nuozhadu rockfill dam, with a maximum dam height of 261.5 m, a total reservoir area of 237*108 m3, an installed capacity of 5,850 MW, and an annual power generation of 23.9T W•h,is scheduled for completion in 2016.

4) Energy dissipation in reservoir discharge

The discharge power of the Er'tan hydroelectric project designed by POWERCHINA is 39 GW, ranking the 1st in high arch dams around the world. The Xiluodu hydroelectric project, with a flow of 52,300 m3/s for a 10,000-year flood and total discharge power of 100 GW, has the highest discharge power for any arch dam projects in the world.

Hydropower Planning, Investigation, Design and Consultation
Er'tan Hydroelectric Project releasing water

5) Design and investigation of large underground caverns

POWERCHINA leads the world in super large cavern exploration technology, underground cavern layout under various conditions, stability evaluation of surrounding rocks, deformation monitoring of surrounding rocks and feedback and analysis during construction, and analysis of combination of ground water environment and geo-stress fields.

Hydropower Planning, Investigation, Design and Consultation
View of power tunnel system at Xiaowan hydroelectric project

6) High slopes and slope stabilization

The left abutment of the Jinping-I hydroelectric dam is a 900-m slope, the slope behind the powerhouse of the Tianshengqiao-II project is in the ancient accumulation materials which measures 380 m in height, and the Longtan hydroelectric dam is a laminated 420-m high rock slope. The experience gained from dealing with these complex geological conditions and the slope stabilization work have helped POWERCHINA lead the world in the following areas: the study and exploration of geological and topographical environments; hydro-geological and geo-stress fields of high slopes; theory and application of slope stability analysis; slope treatment technology and stability assessment; slope stability monitoring; and reverse analysis theory.

Hydropower Planning, Investigation, Design and Consultation
High slope treatment at Jinping-I hydroelectric project

7) POWERCHINA is experienced in application of extra-large-capacity generating units.

In the 1990s, China built the Er'tan Hydropower Station, which has a unit capacity of 550 MW. In this century, it completed the 32 X 700 MW Three Gorges hydropower station . The Longtan hydropower station was built with nine units of 700 MW each; the Laxiwa and Xiaowan hydropower stations, both under construction, will have six units each, 700 MW each unit; the Xiluodu Power Station has 18 units, 800 MW each unit; the Xiangjiaba Hydropower Station has eight generating units, 800 MW each unit; the Baihetan and Wudongde hydropower stations will be installed with approximately 30 generating units, each with a capacity of 750-800 MW.

These large units were partly designed, manufactured and installed by POWERCHINA, with the exception of those for the Three Gorges project. POWERCHINA leads the world in research on adaptability of super-large-capacity generating units to the project sites, the requirements for arrangement of powerhouse and project complex, and the selection of mechanical and electrical equipment.

Hydropower Planning, Investigation, Design and Consultation
The underground powerhouse of Longtan hydroelectric project