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POWERCHINA receives acclaim from Lao deputy prime minister

Updated: 2018-08-21

POWERCHINA receives acclaim from Lao deputy prime minister

Laos Deputy Prime Minister Bunthoong Chitmany at the construction site [Photo/POWERCHINA]

The Nam Ou Cascade Hydropower Project, which is funded and constructed by POWERCHINA, won high praise from Deputy Prime Minister of Laos Bunthoong Chitmany during his visit to the project site on Aug 9, 2018.

Bunthoong was satisfied with the construction progress, quality, safety, and flood control, speaking highly of POWERCHINA's construction and operation work as well as its contribution to local economic development, livelihood improvement, talent training, and employment.

Bunthoong also emphasized the importance of construction safety and flood control. He encouraged the contractor to enhance communications with local government for better flood management and the safety of residents living downstream.

According to Bunthoong, the Lao government has been paying close attention to electric power development, with the aim of building the country into a "storage battery of Southeast Asia."

The Nam Ou River Cascade Hydropower Plant project consists of seven separate cascade power stations covering multiple counties in two provinces and involving a large number of families.

The project has brought locals comprehensive social and economic benefits, improving people's livelihood, traffic, medical treatment, and education.

POWERCHINA has created more than 8,000 jobs, renovated or built roads measuring over 500 km, and constructed around 20 bridges in the project area. It has also set up schools, hospitals, markets and temples, greatly improving public facilities during the construction period.

POWERCHINA has been dedicated to fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities, insisting on the development of green energy and boosting China-Laos friendship.

POWERCHINA receives acclaim from Lao deputy prime minister

Nam Ou Cascade Hydropower Project constructed by POWERCHINA [Photo/POWERCHINA]