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POWERCHINA launches R&D institute in Rio de Janeiro

Updated: 2018-09-21

SEPCO1, a subsidiary of POWERCHINA based in Shandong province, unveiled its Power Transmission and Distribution Engineering Research Institute (America) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on Sept 20.

Marcelo Crivella, mayor of Rio de Janeiro, and Li Yang, consul general of the Chinese embassy in Rio, joined the unveiling ceremony along with over 100 enterprise and media representatives including people.cn, xinhua.com and cnr.cn.

The establishment of an overseas R&D institute is an important move for Chinese companies, allowing them to share their innovative resources with the world and contribute to the Belt and Road Initiative, explained Yao Qiang, deputy general manager of SEPCO1.

The institute will give full reign to Brazil's talent, information and environment, providing reliable technical support to the sustainable development of the local economy and promoting the innovation-driven expansion of POWERCHINA, said Yao.

Mayor Marcelo noted that the establishment of the institute is a good example of Rio's integration into the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative, opening up a new chapter of cooperation between the two nations.

Consul general Li Yang declared the creation of the institute a "big event" that will strengthen the two countries' strategic partnership.

Power Transmission and Distribution Engineering Research Institute (America) will integrate regional resources to focus on the research, improvement and transfer of basic technology for power grid engineering.

Via their innovation platform, SEPCO1 aim to carry out an intensive but balanced research to create a plan based on current overseas projects and developmental demands. As SEPCO1's first overseas R&D institute, it is also expected to provide technical support for the company to expand its presence in other overseas markets.

POWERCHINA launches R&D institute in Rio de Janeiro

The unveiling ceremony in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Sept 20. [Photo/POWERCHINA]