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POWERCHINA subsidiary praised in Indonesia

Updated: 2018-10-22

POWERCHINA subsidiary praised in Indonesia

Indonesian Muara Jawa 2×27.5 mW Coal-Fired Power Plant, constructed by SEPCO III [Photo/POWERCHINA]

Constructed by the Chinese firm SEPCO III, a subsidiary of POWERCHINA, Muara Jawa Power Plant was successfully connected to Indonesia's grid at 18:58 on Oct 20.

With all systems running stably, SEPCO III and POWERCHINA received congratulations and praise from the local government.

Located in Muara Jawa, East Kalimantan, Indonesia, Muara Jawa Power Plant is a key infrastructure project for the area and important part of the country's power supply plan.

Upon operation, the plant will offer the region a reliable power supply, boost local economic development, recycle waste resources, and bring considerable conveniences to the lives of locals.

During its construction, SEPCO III provided thousands of training and working opportunities for locals. All construction materials were purchased from local suppliers to stimulate economic growth.

The construction team never forgot POWERCHINA's social commitment. They respected the customs of locals, made donations to the needy and participated in various community activities concerning education, public welfare and holiday celebrations.

The project owner, Indonesia Power, sent multiple letters of acknowledgement to SEPCO III and named Muara Jawa Power Plant the most well-delivered power construction project in Indonesia,

The construction site received many government visits and was reported on by Indonesia's major media groups.

POWERCHINA subsidiary praised in Indonesia

Muara Jawa Power Plant in East Kalimantan, Indonesia. [Photo/POWERCHINA]

POWERCHINA subsidiary praised in Indonesia

Muara Jawa Power Plant. [Photo/POWERCHINA]