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POWERCHINA facilitates Pakistan's talent training

Updated: 2019-04-19

POWERCHINA's subsidiary Huadong Engineering Corp has finished eight wind power projects in Pakistan. During their construction, the corporation prioritized the employment of local labor to promote local employment and facilitate the country's talent training.

Pakistan, a key country of China's Belt and Road Initiative and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), possesses a large population, ailing economy, and a high unemployment rate.

Huadong placed a high priority on facilitating the employment of locals, by making a management system for local human resources, as well as by recruiting overseas students in Pakistan, local engineers, managers, and workers to ensure their steady income. The company also offered a job promotion channel and career planning system, which improved POWERCHINA's brand reputation and influence in Pakistan.

POWERCHINA facilitates Pakistan's talent training

POWERCHINA Huadong Engineering Corp helps Pakistan train technical talents during project construction. [Photo/POWERCHINA]

Additionally, Huadong established close partnerships with local universities, holding exchange events, organizing students to study at project sites, sharing Chinese technologies and experiences, promoting Chinese standards, and setting up a multi-level cooperation mechanism.

The company has also made numerous efforts to cooperate with local communities, villages, and residents. It subcontracted such works as construction, labor export, and production material supply to local companies and individuals, and provided unified management and guidance to help them join the project construction. It also held several training courses, cultivating a number of technical professionals. Several local talents have been placed in administrative duties at Huadong, contributing to the company's efforts to build the "Belt and Road Initiative" projects.

POWERCHINA facilitates Pakistan's talent training

Pakistan's university students visit the project site for study and communication. [Photo/POWERCHINA]

Since October 2014, the implementation of the eight projects has brought job opportunities to more than 5,000 Pakistan people, with the labor income exceeding 60 million yuan ($8.91 million). Locals made up about 88 percent of the projects' staff.

The employment of local labor has not only provided Pakistan engineers job opportunities and improved their professional skills, but has also helped the country train a group of technical experts, which has won wide acclaim from local governments and residents, project owners, and investors.

After years of efforts through project management, environmental protection, humanistic concern, community service, and cultural construction, the company has now created strong links with local communities, which has helped to raise POWERCHINA's image overseas and boost the smooth progress of the projects.