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POWERCHINA provides help for Zambia's education development

Updated: 2019-06-10

Kakalo Primary School in Lufwanyama county, Zambia recently held a handover ceremony. The school was donated and built by the KC45 (Kitwe-Chingola) highway project department of Sinohydro Bureau 11 Co, a subsidiary of POWERCHINA.

The school is located at the end of the main road of the KC45 Highway project. The company built four classrooms, one office, two toilets, and one water well for the school, as well as provided road leveling for the school site.

At the ceremony, Nivea Mutessa, regional commissioner of Lufwanyama county, expressed her sincere gratitude to the company for donating the school and promoting the development of local education.

She said that the completion of the primary school will greatly improve the learning and working environment of teachers and students.

While advancing the KC45 Highway upgrade project, the company adhered to fulfilling its social responsibilities by helping build infrastructure for the school.

On behalf of all the teachers and students, the principal of the primary school expressed deep gratitude to the company for its donation and construction.

POWERCHINA provides help for Zambia's education development

Students, teachers, and Sinohydro staff pose for a group photo at the handover ceremony for Kakalo Primary School in Lufwanyama county, Zambia. [Photo/POWERCHINA]

He said that as one of those who benefited from the donation, he is honored and happy to be able to teach and work in spacious and bright classrooms and offices.

He noted that in just two weeks, the builders completed the construction with high standards and meeting strict requirements. The company's generous dedication will forever go down in the history of the school.

The primary school also sent a letter of thanks to the KC45 highway project management department, which expressed gratitude for Sinohydro's fulfillment in its corporate social responsibility to aid local society, as well as wished the company a prosperous future.

All project departments in Zambia have actively responded to the national Belt and Road Initiative and adhered to the mission of State-owned enterprises. They have actively fulfilled their social responsibilities, established a positive corporate image, as well as won praise from the local government and residents.