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Students, teachers visit Port Qasim power plant in Pakistan

Updated: 2019-07-03

The Port Qasim Coal-fired Power Plant constructed by POWERCHINA in Pakistan welcomed a group of teachers and students from the FAST National University on June 26.

It was the first time that the power plant has received teachers and students from local universities since it opened to the public.

At the gate, two cooling towers with the words "POWERCHINA AMC" caused a burst of cheers. The visitors took out their mobile phones and took photos with the two "big guys."

Before entering the plant area, the visiting teachers and students received safety education training.

The person who presided over the training was one of the 100 college students selected by the company out of 16,000 applicants three years ago. He has since taken the main job position of being responsible for the safety education training of Pakistani employees.

Through a PPT animation demonstration, he carefully explained safety precautions to the visitors, such as how to wear the safety helmet correctly being aware of potential falling objects, as well as keeping a safe distance when entering the plant and do not touch the equipment.

After the training, the visitors watched a documentary about the power plant. They were deeply impressed by the construction process.

Students, teachers visit Port Qasim power plant in Pakistan

Teachers and students from FAST National University visit the Port Qasim Coal-fired Power Plant in Pakistan on June 26. [Photo/POWERCHINA]

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