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POWERCHINA signs on for expressway project in Poland

Updated: 2019-08-23

STECOL Cooperation, a subsidiary of POWERCHINA, signed a contract for the design and construction of the West S14 Ring Expressway in Lodz, Poland on Aug 22. It is the first road construction project that a Chinese company has signed in Poland in 10 years.

This project marks the re-entry of Chinese enterprises into the Polish road construction market. It is of great significance to the infrastructure construction cooperation between China and Poland.

POWERCHINA signs on for expressway project in Poland

The signing ceremony for the West S14 Ring Expressway in Lodz, Poland. [Photo/POWERCHINA]

Located in Lodz, the third largest city in Poland, the project is scheduled to be completed in 35 months. It includes the design and construction of a 16-kilometer two-way four-lane expressway, including the road drainage system, environmental protection equipment, road lighting, road fences, green planting, as well as some dismantling work.

After its completion, Lodz will become the first city in Poland with a complete ring expressway, further strengthening Lodz's position as a logistics hub for the country.

Since entering the Polish market in 2012, POWERCHINA has fulfilled its responsibilities and met European requirements on quality, environmental protection, and security. Through communications with local enterprises, buyers, and native engineers, it has raised employment and awareness of contract obligations among local workers, while making full use of local resources.

With a total contract amount of $395 million, it has undertaken five projects in flood control reservoirs construction, power transmission and transformation, as well as the current highway design and building program.

The Wroclaw flood control project was completed on Jan 24, 2018, and was the first China-contracted project to gain a European performance certificate.

The project greatly improved the city's flood prevention capacity, improved the scenery along a river, and created a large number of local jobs, winning the company the title of "a most reliable international contractor in Poland."

The economic and commercial counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in Poland said that this project is a new starting point for Chinese companies to enter the European infrastructure market. It is hoped that more Chinese companies will come to Poland to undertake environmental landscaping projects and participate in urban construction in Europe.