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Unit connected to grid at POWERCHINA's first thermal power project in Indonesia

Updated: 2019-11-01

Unit 1 of the two 100 megawatt coal-fired power generation project in Bengkulu, Indonesia, which were invested in and constructed by POWERCHINA, began operation on Oct 31.

Unit connected to grid at POWERCHINA's first thermal power project in Indonesia

An aerial view of the Bengkulu power plant project. [Photo/POWERCHINA]

During the operation, the project showed safe and sound performance, laying a solid foundation for the 96-hour full load reliable operation in the next step.

Pusertif, a certification institute under the Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN), issued the synchronization certificates to the project on the morning of Oct 30, after PLN inspectors conducted inspections, zeroing, and lead sealing of the electricity meters.

Located in Bengkulu, Sumatra Island of Indonesia, the power generation project was launched on Oct 25, 2016. It is comprised of two 100 mW coal-fired plants, 150 kilovolt electric transmission and distribution circuits, a coal-unloading wharf, as well as other facilities.

After completion, the project will be connected to the PLN designated substation through the 150 kV electric transmission and distribution circuits. It will be able to generate 1.4 billion kilowatt-hour and is available for 7,008 hours annually.

Since the launch of the project, it has provided more than 2,000 jobs and is expected to continue providing more than a 100 jobs upon operation. The purchase of working machines worth $400 million and main materials like cement, as well as an annual procurement of 100-metric ton coals will also contribute new growth dynamics to the local economy.

In addition to learning from each other and improving together, POWERCHINA's project company has also actively fulfilled its social responsibilities by providing donations to local orphanages and taking part in disaster relief efforts, which has won praise from local governments.

The Bengkulu power plant is POWERCHINA's first thermal power project in Indonesia and is also largest foreign investment project under construction in Bengkulu. In line with the Belt and Road Initiative, the project is expected to inject new impetus into the cooperation between China and Indonesia in a variety of fields.

Unit connected to grid at POWERCHINA's first thermal power project in Indonesia

Several construction workers pose for a photo on the day when the plants go into operation. [Photo/POWERCHINA]