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Padma river channel improvement in Bangladesh

It is the largest river channel improvement project of the world.[more]

POWERCHINA strives to meet the power supply needs of Leishenshan

Updated: 2020-01-28

Six box-type substations, supplied by the POWERCHINA Hubei Engineering Co., Ltd. (HYPEC) in Hubei province, arrived at the construction site of Leishenshan Hospital at 11pm on Jan 25, after more than eight hours of hard work.

The delivery was the result of the company's offer of support in areas like product supply for the major construction of hospitals in Wuhan, Central China's Hubei province, and in the battle against the epidemic there.

In order to guarantee a power supply to the hospital, POWERCHINA issued an emergency supply notice and required that the supply must be completed before Jan 25. As one of the largest electrical suppliers in Hubei province, the company volunteered to install a batch of power box-type substations supplies.

From Jan 26, transport vehicles were not permitted to enter the central urban area of Wuhan, with the exception of licensed guaranteed transport vehicles. In order to ensure the supply of the power equipment, the company set up a special supply team to coordinate the vehicles and completed the cargo transfer within just eight hours, ensuring that six 10-box power substations were delivered to the site one hour in advance.

This batch of equipment could meet nearly a quarter of the power requirements of the hospital. In addition to ensuring normal electricity consumption after the hospital was built, it was also used for the temporary electricity supply to all kinds of machinery and equipment during the construction of the hospital.

In a bid to cope with the epidemic caused by the novel coronavirus, the transportation and inspection personnel of HYPEC all canceled their Spring Festival holidays and sent the equipment to Wuhan to maintain a 24-hour standby status.

Nearly 20 power supply repair teams worked for seven days during the initial outbreak to protect electricity and provide the hospitals with uninterrupted power. The successful delivery of the six set of power substations initiated the company's 'product-plus-service' dual-core support mode.

POWERCHINA strives to meet the power supply needs of Leishenshan

HYPEC offers box-type substations to the newly-built Leishenshan Hospital in the city of Wuhan. [Photo/POWERCHINA]