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Padma river channel improvement in Bangladesh

It is the largest river channel improvement project of the world.[more]

POWERCHINA offers Wuhan medical and electrical support

Updated: 2020-02-03

In response to the call from central government, POWERCHINA played its part in the fight against the epidemic by offering support to Huoshenshan Hospital in Wuhan, Central China's Hubei province, in the form of medical and electrical materials.

The Hubei-based company, according to the requirements of the Party committee, focused on Wuhan, the key battleground of the anti-epidemic fight, and provided a supply of electrical materials within 48 hours to ensure that the Huoshenshan Hospital was fully operational.

POWERCHINA has also donated masks and other medical supplies worth more than 300,000 yuan ($43,822.88) to the Dongxihu district in Wuhan, contributing to the prevention and control of the epidemic in this city.

Ensuring electrical supplies for Huoshenshan construction within 48 hours

"Can your company still produce power switch boxes? Huoshenshan Hospital is in urgent need of 140 sets, which must be delivered here before Jan 31!" At 3pm on Jan 29, POWERCHINA Hubei Engineering Co., Ltd. (HYPEC) received this emergency call from the general contractor of the hospital.

In order to avoid cross-infection, the hospital had adopted a system to maximize airflow. As the system's power support, the power switch boxes that control the linkage of the fans would play a crucial role in this system.

After receiving the urgent request for help, POWERCHINA immediately launched an emergency plan to support the hospital with switch boxes, and within 48 hours they had successfully delivered the electrical supplies.

At 2pm on Jan 31, the electrical equipment was successfully delivered to the construction site of the hospital. Within a day, the hospital was electrified, marking the smooth completion of the general power supply of the hospital.

Donating scarce medical supplies

As an increasingly severe epidemic situation gripped Wuhan, badly-needed goods and materials became a great challenge for the city. The Dongxihu district issued a plea to the community, calling on people from all walks of life to donate medical supplies.

As a State-owned enterprise in the district, HYPEC answered the call immediately, and gave donations including 5,000 N95 medical masks, 10,000 surgical masks and 1,000 pairs of goggles to the authority.

In order to ensure the rapid delivery of all kinds of medical supplies, the company set up a special supply team, coordinated the supply units, completed the first batch of supplies worth more than 100,000 yuan, and delivered it to the district in Wuhan.

A second batch of medical supplies is now being urgently prepared.

POWERCHINA offers Wuhan medical and electrical support

Staff from HYPEC work to ensure electrical supplies for Huoshenshan construction within 48 hours. [Photo/POWERCHINA]