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Padma river channel improvement in Bangladesh

It is the largest river channel improvement project of the world.[more]

POWERCHINA assists with building of Wuhan mobile hospital

Updated: 2020-02-20

POWERCHINA powered ahead to help with the construction of a mobile cabin hospital in Wuhan, in Central China's Hubei province recently, according to local officials.

They said the wiring of the power distribution cabinets and the lighting equipment were successfully debugged, on Feb 19 at the hospital, with the participation of Sinohydro Engineering Bureau 4 Co, a subsidiary of POWERCHINA.

This marked Wuhan's largest mobile cabin hospital, located in the city's Jiang'an district, was completely built in 72 hours, with conditions ready for the admission of medics.

On Feb 15, the Jiang'an district government started the construction of the hospital project.

POWERCHINA assists with building of Wuhan mobile hospital

Construction workers have their body temperatures taken three times a day. [Photo/POWERCHINA]

Covering an area of 27,500 square meters, it can accommodate 3,500 beds. It specializes in treating mild patients with the novel coronavirus pneumonia infection.

The Sinohydro Engineering Bureau 4 Co immediately arranged to establish a working group to assist in the construction assistance, which arrived on site at 8:30 am on Feb 16.

According to the on-site work arrangements, the company were mainly responsible for the circuit connections and lighting system installation, bed line wiring installation, sockets installations, as well as the removal of corresponding old lines and the TV installation.

In order to ensure personal safety and physical health, in addition to the normal protective equipment, the workers were required to sign employment notices every day and take temperature measurement checks three times a day.

POWERCHINA assists with building of Wuhan mobile hospital
A worker installs sockets at the pop-up hospital. [Photo/POWERCHINA]

In the space of three days, the company's construction team worked for 56 hours.

It completed the installation of wiring and lighting systems for 484 beds and four nurse stations, installation of trunking, wires and lamps in 15 mobile cabins, as well as 46 cable television line systems.

It also assisted other construction teams in site leveling, materials transfers, the construction of a board room, successfully completing the construction assistance task.

After the hospital completed the final cleaning and finishing work, the first batch of medical workers entered the hospital on Feb 20.

POWERCHINA assists with building of Wuhan mobile hospital

The mobile hospital after completion. [Photo/POWERCHINA]