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Padma river channel improvement in Bangladesh

It is the largest river channel improvement project of the world.[more]

POWERCHINA joins fight against coronavirus epidemic

Updated: 2020-03-24

Since the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, POWERCHINA International Group, a subsidiary of POWERCHINA, has helped waged war on the epidemic, according to a company spokesman.

He said it had tapped into its extensive global supply network to buy medical materials for the front line of the epidemic prevention and control in Central China's Hubei province, highlighting its responsibilities as a State-owned enterprise.

POWERCHINA joins fight against coronavirus epidemic

A negative pressure monitoring ambulance is donated by POWERCHINA International Group. [Photo/POWERCHINA]

On Feb 17, the first batch of 86,000 medical masks from Russia's capital Moscow arrived in Beijing and are being sent to Hubei after customs clearance.

Elsewhere, 15,000 sets of medical protective clothing purchased in the Democratic Republic of the Congo also successfully arrived in Beijing on Feb 21 and will be sent to Wuhan in a few days.

Zhou Xiaoguo, an employee of the representative office in Angola, snapped up a box of 2,000 medical surgical masks at his own expense, transferring them back to China to donate to the company, paying a freight charge that was nearly three times the price tag of the masks.

"We always remember our home in China. We are all well abroad and we hope to help our colleagues in China," Zhou said.

After learning the urgent need of ambulances in Hubei, the company immediately contacted domestic and foreign auto manufacturers through multiple channels. It quickly signed and transported three new high-end negative pressure monitoring ambulances, donating them to three hospitals in Hubei.

During the global procurement of anti-epidemic materials, the company leaders such as chairman Ding Zhengguo and general manager Ji Xiaoyong repeatedly stressed the paramount concern for the safety of the company's employees and their families.

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