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POWERCHINA Shanghai branch serves Baosteel's power generation

Updated: 2020-09-28

The 150- megawatt gas-electric set project of No 5 Baosteel Power Plant, undertaken by Shanghai Electric Power Construction Co of POWERCHINA, officially started construction on Sept 23.

The project is located at the Baoshan Iron and Steel Base in Baoshan district, Shanghai. The new unit will make full use of the surplus low-calorific value gas as an alternative fuel of coal to generate electricity, achieving energy saving and consumption reduction, improving clean productivity, as well as reducing harmful gas emissions.

The energy saving and environmental protection of the unit is in line with the national policies, which solves the problem of air pollution emissions from steel-making enterprises at the source, making a positive contribution to improving the ecological environment around Shanghai, as well as realizing multiple benefits to the local economy, environment, and society.

Since 1979, Shanghai Electric Power Construction Co has contracted the construction of two subcritical 350,000 kilowatt generator sets of Baosteel's self-provided power plants. It has been serving the construction of Baosteel's power generation projects for more than 40 years, providing power support and guarantee for the innovative development of China's steel industry base.

POWERCHINA Shanghai branch serves Baosteel's power generation

Workers install the gas-electric set in Baosteel Power Plant in Shanghai. [Photo/POWERCHINA]