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HR strategy

Updated: February 09,2022

1. Guiding Thought

To establish a scientific talent concept, abide by corporate and talent development laws, stick to the guidelines of development, talents, application, innovation, high-end leadership, and overall layout, center on innovation of talent development mechanisms, optimization of talent structure, and improvement of talent quality, adhere to a professional, specialized, market-oriented, and international talent development strategy, and strive to cultivate corporate leaders, business management personnel, professional technical personnel, Party workers and skilled operational personnel in order to provide talent and intellectual guarantees for the building of a world-class comprehensive enterprise group with strong international competitiveness and high quality and efficiency.

2. Overall goals

To train corporate leaders, business management personnel, professional technical personnel, Party workers, and skilled operational personnel of appropriate numbers, reasonable structure, and high quality;

To cultivate diversified and international talents, and accomplish talent structural transformation;

To enhance the company's capacities for international operation, technological innovation, engineering construction, investment, and scientific management.

3. Key Tasks

To strengthen leadership building, including leaders of the company, operating management personnel, and reserve cadres;

To improve operating management talents, including high-end operation and management experts, project managers, headquarters operation and management talents, and business-oriented key management talents in short supply;

To foster professional technical personnel, including leading scientific and technological talents, and business-oriented technical talents in a comprehensive structure and with higher technical service capabilities;

To cultivate Party and mass work personnel, including excellent leaders of Party organizations and Party workers with comprehensive capacities;

To train skilled operation talents, including highly specialized and skilled talents and high-quality operating leaders.

4. Main Measures

To build a talent team of appropriate number, reasonable structure and high quality, to make employment plans in advance by sticking to a strict recruitment process, attracting and retaining talents in short supply, tapping talent potential, optimizing capacities, cultivating key talents, strengthening policy guidance, and establishing a sound exit mechanism.

To build a modern, market-oriented, and professional human resource management mechanism by adhering to standardized post management, establishing a standard post grade system, improving a market-oriented selection mechanism, optimizing a salary distribution mechanism, promoting a staff performance liability system, establishing a sound career development system and regulating a training and development system.

To build a scientific, standardized, and information-based management and service platform by working out the platform interface and improving the intensive management of people, enhancing platform functions and advancing the standardization of talent management, optimizing management methods and lifting the level of information-based talent management.

To intensify measures, increase financial and policy support and give priority to the development of human resources.