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Sinohydro Foundation Engineering arranges physical check-up for frontline workers in Tibet

Updated: June 17,2022


Sinohydro Foundation Engineering holds a health check for its workers in the construction of Pagu Reservoir in Nimu, a county of Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region.

At the invitation of Sinohydro Foundation Engineering Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of POWERCHINA, construction workers from Pagu Reservoir in Nimu, a county of Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region, recently received free health check from medical workers from Lhasa.

In the construction of Pagu Reservoir, its builders have to meet multiple challenges brought by harsh climate and natural environment there. They are also prone to suffer from various kinds of diseases because of a long-time exposure to oxygen deficiency and the arrival of summer on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.

Therefore, Sinohydro Foundation Engineering made a special arrangement of the physical check-up event for its employees at their construction site.

Fu Ning, a recipient of the activity, said that it was so awesome for him and his colleagues to have their physical health checked at the construction site since they have no time to go to hospital.

During the event, medical workers also responded to questions from frontline workers about their health and talked with them about how to better enhance physical fitness and prevent the occurrence of regular and occupational diseases.