Updated: September 30,2022


POWERCHINA has professional capabilities in the field of biomass power generation business, such as survey and design, EPC contracting, and so on. Its business includes straw power generation, domestic waste incineration power generation and other types. In 2017, POWERCHINA implemented the first overseas waste incineration power generation EPC project, the Can Tho Waste-to-Energy Project in Vietnam. Since then, POWERCHINA has carried out projects in Africa and the Americas in addition to the steady development of domestic business


1.Liaocheng Guoneng Gaotang Biomass Power Generation Project (Straw) (30 MW) in Shandong was praised as "a model biomass power generation project" by Guoneng Energy Group.


2.Can Tho Waste-to-Energy Project in Vietnam is the first waste-to-energy project in Vietnam, with a daily processing capacity of 400 tons of domestic waste and an installed power generation capacity of 7.5 MW,


3.Ciro Redondo 1×60 MW Biomass Power Plant Project in Cuba


4.Waste Incineration Power Generation Project in Shanghai Laogang Renewable Energy Utilization Center is the world's largest waste-to-energy project, with a processing capacity of 6,000 tons of waste per day and an installed capacity of 150 MW,


5.Zhengzhou (Eastern) Environmental Protection Energy Project is the largest waste incineration power plant in central and western China. It processes approximately 4,200 tons of domestic waste per day and has an installed power generation capacity of 90 MW.


6.Ethiopia Reppie Waste-to-energy Plant is Ethiopia's first waste-to-energy plant, with a daily waste processing capacity of 1,200 tons of municipal solid waste and an installed power generation capacity of 50 MW.


7.Jingshan Kaidi Biomass Power Project (Straw) (48 MW) in Hubei


8.Nanning Pingli Venous Industrial Park Waste Incineration Power Project in Guangxi has a daily processing capacity of 2,000 tons of domestic waste and an installed capacity of 36 MW.