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Wastewater/Solid Waste Disposal

Updated: October 08,2022


POWERCHINA is experienced in engineering, construction, operation and investment in Wastewater/Solid Waste Disposal. Track records include Ruiru Sewage Works in Nairobi, Kenya, Xianju Town Sewage Treatment Plant Phase II in Zhejiang province of China, Kun'ao Sewage Treatment Plant in Zhejiang province of China, Dongyang II Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) in Zhejiang province of China, Chenzhou III WWTP in Hunan province of China.

Sewage treatment plant projects

1. Dasherkandi Sewage Treatment Plant In Bangladesh (500,000 m3/d)

It is the largest sewage treatment plant in South Asia with a designed treatment capacity of 500,000 m3/d.

01-孟加拉污水处理厂效果图-Dasherkandi Sewage Treatment Plant In Bangladesh.jpg

2. TUAS Water Reclamation Plant 3C, Singapore (650,000 m3/d)

Once completed, the ecological and environmental protection project will be the first in Singapore and the world that maximizes energy and resource recycling in the treatment of solid waste and wastewater.

The main construction contents of section 3C include civil, structural and constructional engineering of the domestic sewage treatment module (daily treatment capacity of 650,000 tons).

02-新加坡大士再生水厂3C标段TUAS Water Reclamation Plant 3C.png

3. Malabar Wastewater Treatment Plant and Pipeline Network, Trinidad and Tobago (40,000 m3/d)

Located in the catchment area of Malabar, the project covers an area of 27 square kilometers and can treat the domestic sewage of more than 110,000 households, which is of great significance to improving the local people's livelihood. The main content of the project includes the wastewater treatment plant with a designed capacity of 40,000 m3/d and a year of O&M.

03-特立尼达和多巴哥马拉巴尔污水流域污水处理厂Malabar Wastewater Treatment Plant and Pipeline Network, Trinidad and Tobago.png

4. Sousse Wastewater Treatment Plant, Tunisia(53,000 m3/d)

It is the largest sewage treatment project with biogas power generation function in Tunisia. The designed water treatment capacity is 53,000 m3/d and biogas generated from the sludge digestion is 7,350 m3/d which can provide electricity of 48,200 kw·h.

04-突尼斯苏斯污水处理厂项目Sousse Wastewater Treatment Plant.png

5. Chengdu Wenjiang Sewage Treatment Plant, China (120,000 m3/d)

Adopting the EPC and BOT mode, the sewage treatment plant has a designed capacity of 120,000 m3/d (phase I of 40,000 m3/d, phase II of 40,000 m3/d, and phase III of 40,000 m3/d). It mainly deals with industrial wastewater and urban domestic sewage in the Chengdu Cross-Strait Science and Technology Park.

05-成都温江污水处理厂Chengdu Wenjiang Sewage Treatment Plant.png