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Updated: October 10,2022

POWERCHINA West & Central Africa's business scope covers 26 countries and regions, and the regional headquarter is set up in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire. The total land area of the region is about 11.78 million square kilometers, and the total population is about 566 million. The regional GDP was about 920 billion US dollars in total, and the per capita GDP was about 1,633 US dollars in 2021. Most of the countries in this region have a single industrial structure and mainly rely on primary resources and the export of primary processed products. To further expand the regional market, the 26 countries and regions are divided into three regions in POWERCHINA's business map, namely Central Africa, West Africa I and West Africa II, based on the geographic, cultural and language classifications.

In 2021, we signed 100 new contracts at the international business level, with a total contract value of 35.204 billion RMB (about 5.22 billion US dollars). We achieved an annual operating income of 7.089 billion RMB and a total profit of 729 million RMB.


Résidences Vendômes, Riviéra IV, Cocody, Abidjan