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Updated: October 10,2022

Business Scope:

With the new establishment of headquarters in Serbia in March 2022, POWERCHINA Eurasia's international business has been distributed in more than 63 countries and regions, and it has set up 84 branch (subsidiary) companies including 27 representative offices in Europe, West and Central Asia, as well as South Asia with 493 employees there and 27 more in the China Headquarter providing rear support.

Marketing Strategy:

Actively serve the national policies and strategies, focus on the development of water, energy, construction, and sand production, strive to promote the integration of investment, construction and operation, give full play to the advantages of planning and design from a global perspective, and speed up the business layout in the fields of ecological environmental governance and clean energy development.

Market Positioning:

To deeply expand the business in South Asia, strongly consolidate it in Europe, and constantly develop in Central Asia, Mongolia, and Russia.

Email: wangwei01@powerchina-intl.com