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Updated: October 10,2022


POWERCHINA has been in Laos for 26 years since 1996 and has become one of the most influential engineering contractors and power investors. POWERCHINA has undertaken investment and construction for the Nam Ou River Cascade Power Stations, China-Laos Railway and other major projects with international influence, and has cultivated a batch of excellent engineering talents for Laos and made great contributions to the development of the local economy and people's livelihood.

By the end of 2021, POWERCHINA had completed more than 130 projects in Laos, with a total contract value of USD 4.38 billion and 24 projects under construction, with a total contract value of USD 3.08 billion. In the energy and mining sector, POWERCHINA has invested in eight hydropower stations and one cement plant, with a total installed capacity of 1,452 MW and a total investment of more than USD 3 billion.

Views of the key projects

老挝东萨宏水电站Don Sahong Hydropower Station.jpg

Don Sahong Hydropower Station

老挝南俄3水电站Nam Ngum 3 Hydropower Station.jpg

Nam Ngum Ⅲ Hydropower Station

老挝南俄5水电站Nam Ngum 5 Hydropower Station.jpg

Nam Ngum V Hydropower Station

老挝南欧江一级水电站Nam Ou 1 Hydropower Station.jpg

Nam Ou Ⅰ Hydropower Station

老挝南欧江二级水电站Nam Ou 2 Hydropower Station.jpg

Nam Ou Ⅱ Hydropower Station

老挝南欧江三级水电站Nam Ou 3 Hydropower Station.jpg

Nam Ou Ⅲ Hydropower Station

老挝南欧江四级水电站Nam Ou 4 Hydropower Station.jpg

Nam Ou IV Hydropower Station

老挝南欧江五级水电站Nam Ou 5 Hydropower Station.jpg

Nam Ou V Hydropower Station

老挝南欧江六级水电站Nam Ou 6 Hydropower Station.jpg

Nam Ou Ⅵ Hydropower Station

老挝南欧江七级水电站Nam Ou 7 Hydropower Station.jpg

Nam Ou Ⅶ Hydropower Station

老中铁路路基 Lao-China Railway Foundation.jpg

The roadbed of China-Laos Railway 

老中铁路桥梁Lao-China Railway Bridge.jpg

The bridge of China-Laos Railway