Updated: October 24,2022


With the gradual implementation of the carbon neutrality goal, global renewable energy is developing rapidly. It is a general trend to build a new power system with new energy as the core. As a secondary form of energy, hydrogen has significant advantages, such as zero pollution and cross-space storage.

As a global leader in clean and low-carbon energy, POWERCHINA INTERNATIONAL develops hydrogen energy with advantages in planning, design, and resource integration capabilities. The company has followed the trend of energy transformation, conducted in-depth systematic research on the entire industry chain of hydrogen energy, and integrated its own advantages to find the best "entry point" to the field. 

In hydrogen production, the concept of "green electricity + green hydrogen energy management system" is proposed to provide theoretical basis and technical support for improving the competitiveness of green hydrogen in the future.

With developing the hydrogen energy business, POWERCHINA strives to meet the goals of "14th Five-Year Plan" and "15th Five-Year Plan" on wind and photovoltaic and comprehensively promotes the high-quality development of its wind-solar-hydrogen storage integration business.

The 400 MW Green Hydrogen Station in Pakistan is the first wind-solar-hydrogen storage integration project participated in by POWERCHINA. It is funded and developed by a local Pakistani company with an estimated investment of $2 billion. The initial construction scale is 700 MW photovoltaic, 500 MW wind power, 450 MWH energy storage plus 400 MW hydrogen production station. The planned construction period is 36 months. On Oct 23, 2021, the framework contract of the project was signed by the Chief Minister of Sindh province and the Consul General of the People's Republic of China in Karachi. It is the largest green hydrogen project inked by a Chinese company overseas.