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POWERCHINA wins awards from Pakistan's power industry

Updated: December 20,2022

The Pakistan National Electric Power Regulatory Authority awarded POWERCHINA with the Stalwart Award and the Power with Prosperity Award on Dec 16.

That was in recognition of the POWERCHINA-built Port Qasim coal-fired power station's significant contribution to Pakistan's fight against floods and the promotion of its economic and social development.

The awards aim to galvanize the power industry to drive economic and social development forwards, allow the local area enjoy a development dividend from the power industry, and encourage power companies to carry out social responsibilities that provide clean and cheap electricity, education, health, clean water and employment. 

The Port Qasim coal-fired power station is the biggest investment project of POWERCHINA in Pakistan.


POWERCHINA is awarded the Stalwart Award and the Power with Prosperity Award by the Pakistan National Electric Power Regulatory Authority on Dec 16. 

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, POWERCHINA has donated money and supplies to Pakistani government agencies many times.

Following the once-in-a-century flood that hit Pakistan in June, POWERCHINA provided special funds for disaster-stricken Pakistani employees to assist Pakistanis in overcoming difficulties and rebuild their homes - an initiative that was highly praised by the Prime Minister.

In Pakistan, POWERCHINA has consistently regarded localized operations as key to its development. As a result, it maintains long-term communications and cooperation with local governments, enterprises, non-governmental organizations, embassies and consulates, media outlets and communities. 

Furthermore, it also actively participates in various local public welfare activities.