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POWERCHINA-funded school in Uganda completes expansion

Updated: February 15,2023

The expansion of the Amaji Primary School in Uganda donated by POWERCHINA, which built the Karuma Hydropower Station, was completed with a technology transfer ceremony held on Feb 9.

More than 120 people attended the ceremony, and they affirmed the positive impact of the school on the children in the surrounding area. This expected to have great significance in improving the level of regional education.


Kids give the thumbs up to the revamp of Amaji Primary School.

While building the Karuma Hydropower Station, POWERCHINA made its donation to expand the school.

Construction work included renovating the original four classrooms, building six new classrooms, dormitories and computer rooms, as well as installing the water supply, drainage and solar systems.

Other work involved school landscaping and fencing and providing computers, desks and chairs, bookshelves, filing cabinets and beds for students and school staff members.

"POWERCHINA has always been committed to improving the living facilities of the local people in Uganda and to improving the living standards of the local people," said a Ugandan government official.


People pose for a group photo in front of Amaji Primary School.

Since the start of construction of the hydropower station in 2013, POWERCHINA has been actively fulfilling its social responsibilities and benefiting the local people.

 POWERCHINA has given donations to build one school and two hospitals. In addition to the currently completed Masindi Military Hospital and Amaji Primary School, it handed a donation for the construction of another hospital which will be completed this month.