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POWERCHINA donates teaching materials to Iraq primary school

Updated: March 08,2023

A primary school received a donation of teaching materials from the Iraq demonstration school cluster project No 38 school built by POWERCHINA on March 4, to help improve local education and teaching conditions.

The No 38 school is located in a remote area of Iraq's Karbala province. There is only one primary school nearby that provides education for 600 local children. The teaching conditions are poor and school supplies are scarce.


POWERCHINA donates teaching materials to a local primary school in Iraq.

After learning about the situation, the POWERCHINA project department promptly contacted the primary school and installed electric fans and learning slogans in all classrooms, as well as donated a raft of educational and teaching materials.

The president of the primary school expressed his gratitude to POWERCHINA. He said the electric fans are great gifts before the upcoming hot summer, with the children now able to have a more comfortable learning environment.

The children responded enthusiastically to the supplies.

POWERCHINA is expected to go all out to increase resources and speed up the construction of the No 38 school, so that children can have a new learning environment as soon as possible.