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POWERCHINA praised for disaster relief work in Malawi

Updated: March 17,2023

The Shire Valley Transformation project department of POWERCHINA in Malawi actively participated in local emergency rescue and disaster relief work on March 13-14.

As a result, the company's actions were highly praised by the local government, locals and the project's owners.

On March 12, hit by a ferocious hurricane, the Chikwawa area in Malawi where the POWERCHINA project department is located, suffered from heavy rain storms causing major road damage, while houses and trees were destroyed and other disasters were inflicted, seriously affecting the travel of locals.


Compassionate POWERCHINA employees rush to join the emergency rescue and disaster relief in Malawi.

After receiving requests from the local government for help, the POWERCHINA project department held a snap special deployment meeting, to formulate an emergency rescue and disaster relief plan.

It set up a rapid-response team of more than 10 employees to participate in the efforts.

The POWERCHINA staff members used drones to take high-altitude images of the disaster area and shared the image data with the local government and other rescue organizations to provide first-hand infomation for follow-up rescue work.

They also fully mobilized mechanical equipment such as dump trucks, road rollers and graders to maintain the edges of the severely damaged roads to ensure residents could travel freely.

"We are so thankful to POWERCHINA for quickly lending us a helping hand during the storm and floods and for helping us in all aspects of the disaster relief," a local said.

Moving forwards, plans are for POWERCHINA to continue to do a great job in project performance with high efficiency and high quality.

Shire Valley Transformation project as a major venture in the country plans to push ahead and complete as soon as possible, and benefit an estimated 220,000 people in southern Malawi.