Zimbabwean president lauds Sabi Star Lithium Mine Project

Updated: September 04,2023


President Emmerson Mnangagwa announces the commencement of operations of the Sabi Star Lithium Mine Project.

On Aug 31, the Zimbabwean Sabi Star Lithium Mine Project, constructed by POWERCHINA, was completed and put into operation. President Emmerson Mnangagwa presided over the ribbon-cutting ceremony and announced the commencement of operations of the project.

Emmerson said that the project was completed and put into operation in just eight short months after the groundbreaking ceremony last year, an incredible feat which would not have been possible without the dedication and unity of all the workers, engineers, and professionals involved.

On the day of the ceremony, Emmerson visited the grinding and flotation workshops, and commended the project for its high efficiency and quality construction.

Zimbabwe has been producing lithium for over 60 years. Since the start of construction in December 2022, the project has set a new record in Zimbabwe for the shortest construction time, highest efficiency, and best quality in the construction of a lithium ore processing plant with a capacity of 1 million metric tons.

Its lithium recovery rates are world-leading, making it a model for mining projects in the country.

During the construction, POWERCHINA created jobs for nearly 1,000 local residents, and trained a group of highly-skilled technical workers in Zimbabwe. After production commences, the project will further drive Zimbabwe towards comprehensive modernization and economic industrialization.