Pocitelj Bridge praised by Bosnia and Herzegovina PM

Updated: December 27,2022

Fadil Novalic, Prime Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina paid a visit to the construction site of the Pocitelj Bridge – being built by POWERCHINA – on Dec 22.

Accompanying him included Denis Lasic, the Federal Minister of Transport and Communications of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Gai Guoqiang, commercial counselor at the Chinese Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Fadil Novalic (first from left), Prime Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is interviewed by media at the construction site of Pocitelj Bridge, on Dec 22.

The prime minister listened to detailed reports on the project, including the scale of the structure and on-site construction technology, and expressed his deep satisfaction with the quality of work.

He said that the Pocitelj Bridge is the most complex, technically difficult and most significant project among the eight pan-European 5C high-speed corridor projects under construction in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He added that it is the correct decision for a qualified Chinese enterprise to construct the bridge.


Fadil Novalic (fourth from right), Prime Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina, listens to a report.

The Pocitelj Bridge is currently the longest bridge among the bridges under construction in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The highest bridge with the largest span and the most difficult construction in the region, which is expected to significantly improve traffic conditions between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.

It is also expected to be conducive to promoting the economic development of the Bosnia and Herzegovina region, enhancing communications between it and the EU, and helping to strengthen commerce and trade and interconnections within the entire Balkans.


A panoramic view of Pocitelj Bridge.